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Dear Reader, Dear Puzzle Friend!

The Logelium project makes heavy use of JavaScript, to accomplish a uniform look and feel for all pages.

A good recommendation for Firefox users is the freeware extension from This extension allows JavaScript and Java applet execution only for trusted domains of your choice, which increases the overall security level. Select »« for script execution.


In the following you find some notes regarding the page layout and the navigation between the sections, pages and chapters.

Page Header

The Logelium pages have a standard header, which is generated by JavaScript and looks like this:

Chapter ABC
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The part with the subtitle is optional. The links in the middle part point to sections of the same page, beginning at a blue bar with the same title. The number of sections can vary. Needless to explain that the flags switch to other supported languages.

The field on the top right contains up to three navigation elements:


Link to the previous page of the current chapter


Link to the next page of the chapter if appropriate


Link to the next upper level of index, which is the main index in most cases

Each section can be reached by a link from the middle part of the header showing the same text as the section title. The arrow on the left alway leads to the top of the page.

This is how the section headers look like:

Section XYZ


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SVG: Scalable Vector Grafics

Some of the Logelium grafics come with SVG format coding. This XML based description has enormous advantages compared to the simple GIF or JPG formated versions, because the pictures can be magnified without any loss of precision. Unfortunately is SVG support not (yet) standard browser function, but is processed through a plugin, which has to be installed additionally. These components are not completely perfect, so sometimes you find not intended effects or you see nothing at all.

A plugin is available here :

If the SVG source is processed correctly, you will see a coloured »LOGELIUM« text below.

Page Footer

The footer of each page looks the same all the time too. The navigation elements are repeated here and have the same function as the header navigation. The mail address contains two extra blank characters, which are not part of the real address. I hope to escape spam robots this way.

The footer contains additionally an external link to the page source. This is useful when the page is printed or stored offline.

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